Made to Measure

Finest Quality Made to Measure Milonguero Classic Suit

Finest Quality Made to Measure Milonguero Classic Suit

Our suits are made to measure with all the options you would expect in a completely bespoke garment. Our unique ‘shooting sleeve’ design avoids shoulder lift in the embrace and the choice of fabric is completely yours.   This classic suit is made from Holland and Sherry Lightweight High Twist 100% merino wool from Southern Argentina. With a combination of a half lined jacket and the superior lightweight wool you will be able to wear this suit throughout your milonga. The featured suit is priced at  £599







Milonguero Classic Tailoring for Tangeros


Whether you want a complete suit, a jacket, waistcoat or a pair of trousers you will be guaranteed quality and a perfect fit.

You will be able to: ​

  • choose your design
  • pick your preferred  fabric and from a selection of patterned or plain blends or pure wools

  • select from a wide range of bespoke options.


Milonguero Tailoring are primarily interested in producing garments for tango dancers, many of the options are designed specifically with that in mind. That is why we have incorporated the “Tango Shooting Sleeve”(™) as standard in our Milonguero Classic design. This unique cut eliminates shoulder lift and jacket distortion while in the embrace. If you combine this with an unlined or half lined jacket with special breathable lining, special ‘soft tailoring’ and the correct fabric then you have a suit you can dance in throughout the milonga.  Options such as, ‘working cuffs’, fishtails, cavalry bottoms, a wide range of lapel shapes and jacket styles help ensure you have the look you want to achieve. Choosing made to measure means you will have exactly the look, cut and style you want.  


I take pride in having helped people dress for their moment in the milonga.  My reputation is endorsed by those tangueros who are now wearing my garments in milongas around the UK and Europe.

As a member of the tango dancing community I do understand your needs and you will have my personal guarantee of a quality service.


Leon E.


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Milonguero Classic Suit

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Milonguero Classic Suit A

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