Ready Made

Ready Made Milonguero Trousers

Ready Made Milonguero Trousers


Tango Shop Online are proud to present the Classic Cut Milonguero Trousers ready made in a range of fabrics and colours.

Over time Milonguero Tailoring will be extending the range of fabrics and colours in the Ready to Wear Section. Please feel free to drop us a line if you have a particular request and we will do our utmost to find something for you to "dress for that moment". 

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Classic Cut Milonguero Trousers

Product no.: Classic002

£89.00 *
In stock

Classic Cut/Beige

Product no.: RMT001

£89.00 *
In stock


Product no.: RMT002

£79.00 *


Product no.: RMT003

In stock

Classic / Milonguero Trousers Poly Mix

Product no.: MT004

£89.00 *

Milonguero Classic Stripe Turquoise

Product no.: MT-A-1

£89.00 *

Classic Milonguero Trousers - Sleek Black

Product no.: MT-A-2

from £89.00 *

Classic Milonguero Trousers - Charcoal Stripe

Product no.: MT-A-3

£94.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 30 days

Classic Milonguero Trousers - Beige Charcoal Stripe

Product no.: MT-A-4

£89.00 *
In stock

Classic Cut/ Grey

Product no.: RMT007

£89.00 *

Milonguero - Linen

Product no.: WA 023

£89.00 *

Milonguero Style Blue Green White Stripe

Product no.: WA341

£85.00 *

Milonguero Style Blue Feint Stripe

Product no.: WA652

£85.00 *

Milonguero Pink/beige stripe

Product no.: WA 831

£85.00 *


Product no.: WA009

£85.00 *

Milonguero Beigish Stripe

Product no.: WA555

£85.00 *

Milonguero Mixed Stripe

Product no.: WA539

£80.00 *

Milonguero Gray/Charcoal Stripe

Product no.: WA528

£95.00 *

Milonguero Style Brown Pinstripe

Product no.: WA358

£95.00 *

Milonguero Brown Stripe Wool & Silk Blend

Product no.: WA 319

£95.00 *
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